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Johanna Rose | |
In Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) Rabbi Simeon said: “There are three crowns. The crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood and the crown of kingship. But the crown of a good name excels them.

I came to know Newt by his philanthropic reputation. Through my position with IAGS, I came to know Newt as a wise and caring man.
Through my participation at his funeral, I came to know him through the eyes of his children.
He did indeed bear the mantle of the Crown of a Good Name.
We will miss him.
10 January 2012

Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller | |
Hillel at UCLA notes the passing of an outstanding Israel advocate and a loyal friend of Hillel. Newt was a rock of support for Jewish life and will be remembered by all of us for his intellect, his vision and his determination.
10 January 2012

Yaakov (Drybones) Kirschen | |
"I was working on a cartoon when I got a call informing me about the passing of a close friend of mine. His name was Newt Becker. The public doesn't know his name, but it should. Newt was an innovative educator, a philanthropist, an inventor, a strategist, and my friend.
Unlike others, he didn't want his name immortalized, and avoided having his picture taken with "important people". Newt invested in medical advances, backed cutting edge alternate energies, and helped people who needed his help.
10 January 2012 - Herzlia Pituah, Israel

Roz Rothstein |
I find it hard to believe that the world has lost Newt Becker.

I spent a lot of time with Newt during these last ten years--in person, at meetings, and on the phone. Our phone calls would last two hours or more.

Newt was not only a giant in thinking in terms of the big picture. He was also a giant in the history of StandWithUs. He was our first official donor. He brought us other donors and friends, like Rita and Steve Emerson, whom we would never have met if not for Newt. He didn’t just spend time with me and my husband Jerry. He also spent time with other members of our StandWithUs team, like our Israel office director, Michael Dickson, and Roberta Seid, PhD, our research director, among others.

Newt’s overarching dream was to systematize our work so that it would be easy to export and would reach wide audiences. He wanted to do that with all the groups he mentored and funded. He personally invented the idea for Stand4Facts, a one-stop website that is a data base of profiles of all anti-Israel groups and speakers. This was a brilliant way to create a tool that was easy to use and gave students, community leaders, and faculty the information they needed t familiarize themselves with and challenge the detractors’ particular brand of argument and misinformation. He funded our research department because he knew that there is an urgent need for ongoing research as new anti-Israel campaigns, rhetoric, and detractors arise. He helped incubate and fund our work in Europe with his dear friend and our Board member Larry Hochberg, and our missions bringing European diplomats to Israel. He also helped fund our media training program in Israel. Jerry recalls how he would light up with excitement when he liked an idea and helped grow a new strategy for mass outreach and teaching. He had a unique ability to see and touch the future.

Newt sat on our Board of Directors from the founding of StandWithUs until he passed away. He diligently attended all meetings. I always made a point to ca in peace.
10 January 2012 - West Palm Beach Fl

Howard Waldow |
Sonya and I felt so privileged to have known Newt Becker. He is one of the most important men I have ever known. I know he changed the face of pro-Israel and pro free-world philanthropy forever. His influence in this world was immeasurable. He is one man I can say, without overstatement, played a significant role in the survival of Israel and the free world. His legacy is that great. His creativity, strength and insight were unequaled. I have never known a man who has given so much and created so much value out of what he has given. But it is the twinkle in his eye and the sweetness in his handsome face that will stay in our hearts forever.
5 January 2012 - Beverly Hills

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