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Ramin Nadaf |
I met Newt at a young age when I started to work at Becker CPA Review in 1986 just a couple of months after finishing grad school. The fact that more than 25 years later I am still with Becker is all attributed to Newt and his legacy. Newt's passion for our course and our students led us to be the premier course in the industry and his integrity and dedication taught us how to conduct ourselves professionally.

It has been an honor and a privilege for me to have been responsible for carrying Newt's legacy forward and continue to deliver an outstanding course that is demanded by the Becker name. Newt has left us but what he gave us will continue to live and what he taught us will continue to inspire us.

Rest in peace Newt and thank you for teaching us to live with passion, integrity, and honor.
12 February 2012 - Granada Hills, CA

Judy Cole | |
Dear David,

I will be attending the funeral tomorrow for your father, but I might not have the chance to tell you how much I admired and respected him. I would like to take this opportunity to express these sentiments. I met your father through The Washington Institute and had wonderful conversations with him regarding his interest in the vitally important work of our organization. He was the consummate gentleman with a warm smile and a twinkle in his eye. His ideas were creative and he had a passion to support new projects that he believed in and wanted to see come to fruition. I had the privilege of being invited to lunch at his home with Soner Cagaptay, our Turkish expert. Your father had a particular interest in Turkey and foresaw many of the problems that were looming on the horizon well before many members of the international community. His incite and perspective were most impressive.

Newt is a great loss to our community. He was the most generous of philanthropists and I know that you must be very proud of the outstanding reputation that he built in the name of the Becker family.

With sympathy,

Judy Cole
The Washington Institute
Regional Director of Development, CA
[email protected]

6 February 2012 - Encino, CA

Margo Volftsun |
I met Newt just as the second Intifada was beginning to rage. While so many of us felt helpless, Newt got to work. He led the way for countless "start-up" NGOs, was always ready with advice, contacts and financial help.
His visionary focus on Europe helped European Jewish communities learn how to advocate for themselves and for Israel.
His calmness, kindness and thoughfulness helped guide those of us lucky enough to be around him in steady progress toward our goals of defending Israel and other world democracies against the forces of terrorism and radicalism.
My wish is that each one of us who is able to, can emulate Newt and leave this world having accomplished so much.
May your family find strength at this difficult time by focusing on the wonderful legacy Newt left in his personal, professional and philanthropic life.
25 January 2012 - McLean, VA

Joyce and Aubrey Chernick |
Dear Rochelle, and the entire Becker family,
Aubrey and I have been out of town for the last seven weeks and could not make it to the funeral. But, please know that our hearts are aching for the loss of such a beloved and important friend as Newt Becker was to us. There are not superlatives adequate to describe his generosity, courage, commitment and creative intelligence in addressing the challenges that face America and Israel. I often voiced the desire that Newt could live forever in health and energy, so great was and is our need for him. Of course, our pain cannot compare to yours, but we miss him so terribly. The void and confusion we experience in his absence is a measure of the power and importance of his unique personality and how he contributed so meaningfully to our lives. His shoes will be very difficult to fill. But, we know that you will keep the flame alive. Please accept our deepest sympathy.

Joyce and Aubrey Chernick
21 January 2012 - Los Angeles, California, USA

Gal Luft | |
In the past 10 years Newt and I have been fellow travelers in the long road to end the world's toxic dependence on oil. His wake up call came in 1973 in the wake of the Arab Oil Embargo and his activism in this space was not limited to philanthropy. He also put steel on the ground as investor in one of America's most visionary energy companies, Luz International.

Newt was a committed supporter and dear friend of the energy independence movement and one of the first to support my work at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and the Set America Free Coalition. Every time I visited him, he insisted that we take a ride on his electric vehicle, of which he took great pride. Bel Air has some steep roads and Newt was always eager to demonstrate how his plug-in car can handle them, making the case that electric cars are just as powerful and fun to drive as gasoline cars. We spent long hours in conversations on the future of electric cars. At times, Newt got so technical, asking questions about battery chemistry, durability and safety, that I had to dig deeper and deeper into the literature to come up for answers. I realized that it was not only that he was a curious person, but that it was his way of forcing me to improve my expertise. In his gentle and kind way Newt wanted the people surrounding him to be the best and brightest in their fields.

The energy independence movement lost one of its leaders. But Newt's activism has already set the foundation for a strong and lasting movement that will take it to the finish line - a secure world no longer dominated by petroleum.

Farewell, dear friend. You will be always be missed. And when one day, when the 405 will be full of thousands of humming, clean and petroleum free EVs, you will look down and smile, knowing that you can check another box.
15 January 2012 - Washington, DC

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